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Int'l Educate Exchange
Stay away from cancer! Staying away from cancer is not a dream. The terrible impression that cancer gives to humans. Cancer has ruthlessly destroyed people's spirits and bodies. However, cancer is not a rare thing, because everyone suffering from cancer is not caused by one or two days, but by oneself over the years. Dec. 1, 2021 Start Register
Style! Showing one's own style is what everyone desires. However, when oneself appears out bow-legs, from invisible it greatly affects your own external image, and at the same time causes more and more serious damage to the your own body. As we all know, the bow-legs can affect the appearance of everyone... Nov. 1, 2021 Start Register
Responsibility! Taking full responsibility for the quality of the products and products produced by own enterprises, and acting as a protector of protecting the health of the public and consumers, this is the bounden responsibility of every company CEO! Oct. 1, 2021 Start Register
Release stress! In the face of pressure, pressure from various reasons, can release it yourself? Is way of releasing stress right? Is it to transfer the pressure to your own loved ones? Or apply the correct knowledge to turn pressure into a driving force for yourself to move forward. Sep. 1, 2021 Start Register
Thick Love! Cherish the years, love yourself, time flies, knowledge blooms, leave school, and enjoy in your job, the responsibilities of work are getting heavier and the rewards are getting higher and higher. But the mood is getting more and more nervous, worrying from time to time, endless overtime, work... Aug. 1, 2021 Start Register
Health! Everyone needs health, everyone can protect their own health, learn and master Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application knowledge, targeted for oneself protect oneself health the correct modern knowledge. Cheer for your own health, because, health is everyone’s most valuable asset. Having health is what everyone desires and dreams of. Jul. 1, 2021 Start Register
Failure = Opportunity! Although failure brings us sadness and trouble, failure can also give us an opportunity to succeed! Everyone is afraid of failure of again and again, especially the endless failures, dark days, making it impossible to see the way forward...coming complaints, anger, not being understood, embarrassed on all sides...Jun. 1, 2021 Start Register
Say goodbye to hunchback! Hunchback has been troubling many people. In the office, long-term incorrect sitting posture is very easy to produce hunchback, especially as the age grows, hunchback gradually forms, which not only affects personal posture, but also affects oneself the comprehensive temperament and so on. May 1, 2021 Start Register
Joy the laugh! Can you create happy by yourself? Especially when you encounter difficulties, your own immediately create happy, use your own laughter to overcome difficulties, add joy style to your own mood. Use your own laughter to bring happiness to your family, and use your own laughter to bring purity fr1endship to your friends... Apr. 1, 2021 Start Register
Enjoy the spring of office! The quiet office, shrouded in a very depressing atmosphere, did not have any colleague speaking, because an important report is being rushed; it is time to break this suffocating office atmosphere and let the sun shine in every corner of the office. Let happiness appear out on everyone's faces, unite and work together, we can overcome all difficulties!Mar. 1, 2021 Start Register
Friendship! The friendship between people should be purity friendship. Purity friendship metaphors purity, innocence, no blemishes, no selfishness, in the office, purity friendship is a luxury product, potential competition, secret contest in work...often full of office...; Use your kind smile to give office colleagues a distinctive mental outlook... Feb. 1, 2021 Start Register
Full of sunshine! Can you maintain a sunny mentality? When something has happened, although it was not intentional, the loss and injury caused are real... Complaining, anger, hatred, etc., can only add fuel to the fire, and cannot solve the problem. Your own must calm oneself mind... Jan. 1, 2021 Start Register
Cancer = terminal illness? ! No, with the right knowledge, smart wisdom, little perseverance, can overcome cancer! Some people heard that oneself were suffering from cancer, suddenly panicked, showing sorrow, despair ... In fact, the correct way is: should sensibly pay attention to, analyze the main reasons for oneself cancer... Dec. 1, 2020 Start Register
Cheer for oneself health! Health is everyone's most valuable asset. Having health is what everyone desires and dreams of! Because, health is wealth, and healthy people can create wealth through oneself unremitting efforts. Therefore, losing health means losing everything ... Nov. 1, 2020 Start Register
Product protect public the health is the responsibility of every responsible enterprise! The assortment of products, especially high-tech products, leads the rapid development of modern society, but it also leads to hurt to consumers' health. Therefore, every company CEO should learn and master... Oct. 1, 2020 Start Register
Where is the happiness? ! Participate in targeted for leisure people on stage impromptu speech performance comprehensive education, learn impromptu speech performance, learn to encourage yourself, create happiness, face the unchangeable environment, actively integrate, encourage oneself from time to time, infect others. Sep. 1, 2020 Start Register
Pressure is our motivation get success! Use joy humor, release your pressure in a timely manner, easily and happily enjoy work, enjoy life, enjoy health, etc ... Youth, blooming ideals, work, and living environment, all kinds of pressures to come one after another, causing frequent Insomnia... Aug. 1, 2020 Start Register
Show youth and let your dreams fly! When face the difficulties, must face with a smile, improve oneself confidence, busy work, tense rhythm, years of hard work, the accumulation of work fatigue, physical health began to decline, and the pseudo-old state of premature aging , beauty gradually disappears, youth sneaks away ... Jul. 1, 2020 Start Register
Waste one 's time?! Often feel that time is lost in vain, nothing is done, full of sense of loss... In fact, people's life is spent in ordinary life, daily work, life is dull, enjoy the plain, create rich, with own wisdom to change, the years have become own accumulated knowledge, to enrich oneself best days... Jun. 1, 2020 Start Register
Hunchback is one of the important reason that affect everyone's temperament. Because of hunchback, it leads to loss of work, and normal life changed, etc. Happy to far away from hunchback, it is very fascinating, do starting from self. In the office, the long-term incorrect posture is very easy to produce hunchback...May 1, 2020 Start Register
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