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Tuesday,  September 27, 2022
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Golden Int'l Education League Education Branch Cooperation Way

Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application knowledge, targeted for knowledge, spread life science health knowledge, make fully use oneself piecemeal one minute, etc. time to participate in,  self-protect oneself health correct modern knowledge, far from disease, or accelerate patient rehabilitation, everyone enjoy the happiness,  extend healthy life!

Benefit Group:  popular all over the world, age layer all men and women, old and young ;

It is well known that all things are divides into two side,  social development and progress and bring human advantages and disadvantages. When cars become as transport, human lost a lot of  walking chance; Asphalt road to replace the country dirt road, Increase of earth's gravity harm to mankind.The temptation of junk food, the convenience of hi-tech products, such as mobile phone, computer... ,more and more comfortable environment, leading to the comprehensive quality of human is imperceptible in recession... ;


Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science is  human development urgent need of savior! Conducting universal education Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application, targeted for knowledge, master self-protect oneself health correct modern knowledge, full use oneself piecemeal one minute, etc. time to participate in, create a good environment of human body inner, accelerate the metabolism of cells, help the body constantly keep advancing with the times, improve immunity, psychological quality, physical quality, ability quality,  and so on comprehensive quality, prolong health the life!

Once the masses to master, can be positive stem current rapid growth of obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, depression, and many other global disease, at the same time to improve human immunity, overcome and avoid the genetic disease caused by genetic inheritance to improve and so on to gain is encouraging !


So for human health, the contribution of Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application, targeted for knowledge,  created and achieve:  far from diseases, prolonging mankind heath the life, will be exceed the previous medicine, will be an unprecedented, profound impact modern mankind!

Participate in Golden Int'l Education League, Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application, targeted for knowledge, special education guidance branch cooperation way:

1-1 League fee: US $29990.00 US Dollars eighty-three hundred thirty only (cooperation a decade);

1-2 Cash Deposit:US$2990.00, US Dollars sixteen hundred sixty-seven only;

1-3 One city is limited to 10 to 35,(According to the size of the city) and has authorized for Golden Int'l Education League to join country name XXX area special branch(League projects child);

Joined cooperation of:               Decade;

Site Requirements:                     50 square feet;

Each city limits  five franchisees to ten franchisees (depending on the size of the city, then by region divided), and authorized Golden Int’l XX Country XX City branch;

Golden Int'l Education League will provide training for franchisees:

1. A professional teacher:

1-1 In the first year to participate in American Golden Int'l Health Tour four weeks intensive professional learning. Learners efforts, quality and quantity,  will receive a Golden Int'l Teaching Certificate;

1-2 Place of study:      Long Island, New York, USA; 

1-3 Normal Tuition:      $ 29,990.00 / per person,        preferential tuition: $ 19,990.00 / per person;

1-3-1 tuition further comprising:  stay in American hotel , the tour itinerary urban transport vehicles; ordinary team breakfast and lunch; trip attractions listed tickets; itinerary around quality guided tours, gratuities required full payment; American the Tourism Protection plan;

1-3-2 tuition does not include: - passport and visa fees, airfare between New York; any costs other than specified in itinerary or activities of interest arising; personal excess baggage charges, resulting in driver overtime costs; the aforementioned "also includes tuition "everything in terms of additional costs not listed;

1-4 to participate in the second to the tenth year joined Golden International Education Online Learning;

1-4-1 learner effort, quality and quantity, every year finished 200 hours of classes, pass exams, will obtain Golden Int'l teacher certification upgrade;

1-4-2 Normal Tuition: $ 1990.00 / per person,  preferential tuition: $ 990.00 / per person;

2. Cooperation to maturity, franchisees can continue to participate in Golden Int'l education League cooperation;

3. Margin, joining cooperation ten years the expiration:

3-1 Every year, obtain Golden Int'l issued written permits letter, continue use Golden Int'l brand qualified's franchisees, branch, will get Golden Int'l  full refund margin; 

3-2 If one year, franchisees isn't obtained the permit of Golden Int'l issued,  Golden Int'l will not refundable margin;

3-3 For three times checks fail franchisees,  Golden Int'l is entitled to terminate the contract immediately, no financial compensation, no refundable margin; 

4. Franchisees will long-term enjoy Golden Int'l Education League the leadership, guidance and help, as follows:

4-1 Provide professional business guidance, conduct a full range support school business;

4-2 Provide professional running school technical guidance;

4-3 Provide a suitable franchisees operate sunlight teaching content and teaching methods;

4-4   Provide full face to face teaching to help training professional teachers, senior coach;

4-5 Provide Golden Int'l own int'l brand, namely:  Life Science - Golden Int'l Mobile Health Science professional free download video teaching, constantly adding new courses;

4-6 Provides franchisees tissues student to participate  American Golden Int'l carry on learn;

4-7 Provide franchisees student performance's video post-production, show to the global at the official website of the Golden Int'l;

4-8 Provide students can join academic inquiry in Golden Int'l official website ;

4-9 Will  arrange franchisees Ad  show into  Golden Int'l official website;

4-10 students can participate in  the Golden Int'l special guided training, American Golden Int'l Health Tours and other activities; 

5. Golden Int'l Education League cooperation franchisees is an independent body, operate self-financing;

6. In the life of the contract, Golden Int'l will arrange the annual check:

6-1 to qualified franchisees, branch will receive  Golden Int'l awarded the following year to allow continued use Golden Int'l brand written consent. 

6-2 For unqualified franchisees, Branch, Golden Int'l Education League will be asked   immediately corrected until qualified, then Golden Int'l will check to verify, and then allowed to continue to use the next year Golden Int'l brand written license letter;

6-3 For three times checks fail franchisees, branch, Golden Int'l will immediately terminate the contract,  franchisee no financial compensation, Golden International non-refundable margin;

Contact information:  E-mail: league@8a99.com;